I’m a photographer because I must retain the beauty that is in the world. Although beauty

many times can be dramatic. I have to show that there are many different worlds going on,
around us and in every part of the earth: men are used to look only at their own gardens.
There are much better gardens in the nature. There are worst situations other men lives in.
I think that each photograph has a story: the idea that led the photographer to shoot that
photo, the thought that was incumbent on the need for the shot.
Moreover, I think that each photograph tells us a story: the scene happening in front of the
Two stories are inside each photograph: one comes from the photographer’s mind, one from
the situation shot.
I think that each photo has a great historic value. Something has just gone, after the shot.
The aim is to ensure a long life to each photo, to those stories.
First I learned what to see, then how to see. I have not finished yet.
If I can, I prefer to take all the time the scene needs to be shot, the right time. I hate to be
intrusive, to hurry. People should not fear that I’m going to take photographs.
I like working in different areas. Social and industrial reportage: I like to “enter the situation”,
to meet people. On the stage, at theatre. I feel at ease working on landscape and architecture;
don’t feel fine in those crowds of photographers packed in few meters, in situation for “vips”,
all shooting the same thing from the same point of view. I like portraits: but I like people
inside their context, environment.
Usually I prefer to shot in natural light.
Of course, to leave is one of my favorite things.